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Why is Green Tech Still a Foreign Concept?

Decreasing Our Dependence on Overseas Oil

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    And now, an NBC Bay Area editorial...

    It's no surprise that political revolts in the mideast have spiked gas prices. What's surprising is after 4 years of wrangling, California still has no renewable energy mandate for the future.

    Why is Green Tech Such a Foreign Concept?

    [BAY] Why is Green Tech Such a Foreign Concept?
    Suzanne Shaw, NBC Bay Area Editorial Director, urges California's leaders to green light Senate Bill 2X. (Published Friday, March 4, 2011)

    I'm Suzanne Shaw, Editorial Director-

    The goal of our current law will be met this year with 20% renewable power in our electricity. So what's next? We believe it's Senator Joe Simitian's new bill calling for 33% renewables by 2020.

    California is rich in renewable energy: wind, solar, geothermal. The Bay Area has often lead environmental reforms with broad public support. And with our venture capitalists ready ot build a green economy, we can lead the nation away from foreign oil and build a greener future for this state.

    We need our legislators and our governor to pass Senate Bill 2X.
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