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Gadget Friday Specialized Turbo Bike

Today's Gadget Friday is our new favorite bike, the Turbo from Specialized. You can't tell at first it's electric because it has great styling. You can't tell how fun it is until you simply ride it (see the video of all our staffers trying it out for the first time!) There's no throttle; you simply pedal and the powerful electric motor gives you an assist. The Turbo makes you feel like the strongest bike rider in the world, because you can go from a standing start to top speed (around 27 mph) in just a few seconds. Broadcast technician Rueben Martinez says you may not get much exercise on it, but you get your heart pumping just from the sheer excitement. At $5,900, it's not the cheapest mode of transportation - you could buy a Geo Metro for the same price. But as our morning producer points out, you'd be driving a Geo Metro.