"Chihuahua-palooza" highlights important cause - NBC Bay Area

"Chihuahua-palooza" highlights important cause

Mia Georgiu with the East Bay SPCA sits down with NBC Bay Area's Kris Sanchez to talk about the unfortunate side effect of the movie popularity of boutique dog breeds like chihuahuas.Too often the dogs are bought as presents or on a whim, only to have them released to animal shelters as their prospective owners abandon their responsibilities in caring for their pets. Many animal shelters around the Bay Area and the state are finding themselves with higher numbers of smaller dog breeds, especially chihuahuas being given up for adoption, a sad trend the East Bay SPCA is hoping to reverse through education and adoption by responsible, caring families. Its important to remember pets are an investment in time, money and attention just as any new member of your family would be as well. They deserve to be treated as such and not cast aside even in tough economic times. "Chihuahua-palooza" runs from May 2nd-8th.For more information, contact the East Bay SPCA @ www.eastbayspca.org or call 510-569-0702.By Rob Mayeda, owner of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Barkley and Riley and who can't imagine his life without the little guys.