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Meet the crew

Updated 4:45 PM PDT, Fri, Apr 16, 2010

Meet our All-Star Team!


Vicky Nguyen: Co-Creator, Co-Producer, and Host

When Vicky's not hosting and producing @Work, she's reporting for NBC Bay Area News. She thinks the people of the Bay Area have some of the world's best jobs and she's excited to learn about them and share the experience with @Work viewers. In her spare time, Vicky dotes on her baby girl, Emmy, writes a personal blog, and thanks her husband for laughing with her, and not at her. Vicky loves hip hop, sushi, and funny people. She also wants to know what jobs you want to see featured on @Work, and if you have an inside connection, don't hold out on her! Email her at She'll get back to you. Or see to it that an intern does.


Sarah Williams: Co-Creator, Co-Producer, and Head Editor

Sarah is an Emmy award winning producer, who wears many hats in the business. She is a producer and editor for @Work, and by night, she is the promotions producer for NBC Bay Area news. If she had a choice between a tomato and brussel sprouts, you'd find her eating the brussel sprouts. Outside of the station you'll almost always find a camera in her hand and tasting new foods with her husband Todd, although he's not as adventurous with food. Email Sarah at


Jeremy Carroll: Co-Producer, Editor, and Chief Photographer

Jeremy is an Emmy award winning photographer/editor with 15 years of experience under his belt. He’s excited to be a part of the @Work team and hopes viewers find it a great job-hunting resource. On his downtime, Jeremy enjoys chowing down on super burritos and hiking with his wife. Email him with any questions or ideas at

First Published: Apr 15, 2010 10:08 PM PDT

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Meet the crew

Meet the crew

Meet our All-Star Team!   Vicky Nguyen: Co-Creator, Co-Producer, and...

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