Kids Reenact Oscar-Nominated Movies


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    AOL has raised the cute bar with its new series of reenactments.

    And the Oscar for Cutest Picture goes to...


    A new crop of reenactments released this week from AOL uses children to recreate some of our favorite Academy Award-nominated films.

    The "Kids Act Out: Oscar-Nominated Movies" project imagines younger versions of "The Social Network," "127 Hours," "The King's Speech," "Black Swan" and "The Fighter." All great movies -- there was just one thing missing -- adorable children as leading actors.

    So AOL-ers took matters into their own hands.

    "If you ask us, these super-cute little ones give tremendous, maybe even Oscar-worthy, performances," AOL's Alicia Roda posted on the Moviefone blog.

    Oscar-worthy, indeed. We haven't enjoyed an Oscar parody this much since Mark Wahlberg cleared up who's the fighter.


    "The Social Network"


    "127 Hours"


    "The King's Speech"


    "Black Swan"


    "The Fighter"