Michael Mina Looking for Pastry Chef He Might Not Have to Pay

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    Michael Mina is looking for a free chef. Photo by Ann Larie Valentine.

    San Francisco's mayor is all about jobs these days (now that he's running for office again) and took to the Twitter to announce HireSF. Among the listings?

    A number of hospitality gigs through Starwood Hotels -- including two jobs for pastry chefs at Michael Mina in the St. Francis. And Starwood might not even have to pay, as the city's Jobs Now program is offering Federal stimulus money to subsidize hiring new employees in San Francisco. There are also listings for bartender and barback at the attached Clock Bar, and some management gigs. If you've got relevant experience, it's certainly more glamorous than hanging out on BenefitsSF. Unless, you know, you object to a federally funded job mixing cocktails because it's socialism or something.

    No need to thank Eater, just let us know if you shuffle yourself up a job -- or a federally funded employee.