From 501 Blue to 511 Green, Levi's Introduces an Environmental Line

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    Do you know how much water went in to make your jeans?

    Levi's wouldn't be from San Francisco unless it went green.

    The grandfather of jeans has long advocated for a way to cut down on the water used to product a comfortable pair of denims.

    In a environmental impact report, Levi's discovered that it takes on average 42 liters of water to give their jeans the finish their fans love.

    Now starting in January, the San Francisco-based clothing company will begin selling its environmentally friendly new line of jeans called "Water."

    The jeans will look the same as what Levi's currently sells, and the company plans to introduce the line in its classic lines, such as the 501, 511 and 514. So what makes this jeans different?

    Levi's says they have come up with a process that uses 28 to 96 percent less water to produce similar finishes as their current lines.

    The company is also pushing its users to reduce their water consumption by washing their jeans less.

    That's just what San Francisco needs, one of its most famous establishments pushing the stinky hippie stereotype.