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Some Shower Chances Ahead

The weekend will finish out at least temperature-wise similar to what we saw on Saturday. Onshore winds and areas of low clouds will keep the coast and inner bay locations cool to mild with highs in the 60s to lower 70s. Further inland temps should climb into the 80s in the valleys with some of the warmest spots nearing 90.The weather picture becomes more challenging later this evening into Monday as moisture veering northward out of Southern California and Nevada begins reaching the Bay Area. The first signs of this will be in the form of variable mid and high level clouds that should begin to increase in coverage by sundown into Monday. While the computer models don t suggest much in the way of rainfall (yet), increasing mid-level moisture such as this does also increase atmospheric instability which will warrant at least a chance of a few showers and isolated thunder from late Sunday night into Tuesday. Unfortunately due to some fairly dry air near the surface in our inland valleys and hills, we may see an increase in fire danger as any rain that falls may mostly evaporate before reaching the ground. Closer to the bay, we ll see some marine air which may reduce the fire risk slightly. While cooler marine air can act to stabilize the atmosphere at sea level there will be enough instability higher up to include a chance of thunder near the coast and bay as well. This can be one of those odd times where it becomes possible to both see fog and some lightning from above illuminating the clouds below. We'll see if this is the case as the pattern evolves this week, so stay tuned. Enjoy your Sunday! - Rob Mayeda