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Super Sunday Weather

The weekend started with a wave of record breaking temperatures "warm" for sure by February standards. To give you an idea of how cool it normally is this time of year - places that soared into the mid 70s for highs were 10-15 degrees above average for daily highs! High pressure providing a healthy dose of sinking, warming air aloft with offshore breezes powered up our warm weather and for the most part should continue into Sunday. Don't get too used to it though as we'll see some cooler air spilling in behind the next weather system dropping in east of the Sierra. Highs will finish the weekend in the 60s and 70s, but drop back into the 50s and 60s by Tuesday. No rain expected this week however starting late next weekend we'll see more clouds as the West Coast high pressure ridge breaks down and opens the door for its counterpart - a deep trough of low pressure west of the Pacific Northwest that is looking to bring much cooler temperatures and off/on rain from Valentine's Day and beyond - cuddle weather I suppose. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! - Rob Mayeda