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The Interview With Raj Mathai

The Interview With Raj Mathai

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The Interview: Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi is proud of her past and defends her current actions in Congress



    In an exclusive interview with NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks about Washington Gridlock, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and her unusual guilty pleasure. (Published Tuesday, July 2, 2013)

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi trailblazed quite a path in her nearly 30 years in Congress. She was the first female Democratic Leader for the House of Representatives and the first female Speaker of the House.

    In an exclusive interview with Raj Mathai, the House Minority leader admits she didn't envision following her father's career path as a member of Congress.

    "I had absolutely no interest in having a leading role in politics. I was raised to believe that public service was a noble calling," Pelosi said. 

    Now, she embraces her role as a role model.

    "It goes to show my message to women as be ready, know your own power and what you can do because you never know where the opportunity might be. We need many more women, minorities, young people taking responsibility, taking the risk."

    When it comes to the inaction in Congress these days, Pelosi is quick to blame to GOP leaders.

    "They have the majority and they are obstructing the president," Pelosi said. "We didn't obstruct President Bush when he was president. We disagreed and contested him on the issue of privatizing Social Security and the war in Iraq, but we didn't say 'nothing you present will ever be approved in Congress.' In fact, we did many good things with President Bush."

    When asked if she could hash out her differences with Speaker John Boehner, Rep. Pelosi didn't think that was likely, saying, "Let me just say, I don't think it is a useful use of time to see what Mr. Boehner will do inside the room."

    Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election, Rep. Pelosi thinks Hillary Clinton would make a great president.

    "If she decides to run, and I hope she does, she'll be the best prepared person to go into the White House in decades," Pelosi said.

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