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"24: The Movie" Could Be a Go



    If you love the idea of watching “24” but can never find enough time to devote a full, you know, 24 hours to viewing it, today is your lucky day. The people at Fox are primed to move forward with a feature film version of the hit TV series.

    At long last, we’ll be able to watch Jack Bauer torture people for information and shoot his way out of a devastating Napoleon complex in a relatively tidy two hours. Entertainment Weekly reports that while Fox has yet to decide whether to pick up a ninth season of "24," an insider confirmed that the film side is in talks with Billy Ray (State of Play) to write a screenplay.

    This news is exciting for a couple of reasons. First off, Billy Ray is writing the script, and Billy Ray wrote and directed “Shattered Glass” and “Breach,” two very good and very underrated movies. Secondly, we would be able to watch an entire “24” film without investing a whole TV season in it, and without wondering when the characters get to take a pee break (real time and all that).

    Fox has had mixed success with turning their shows into movies. “The Simpsons Movie” was a smash. “The X Files: Fight the Future” was an adequate hit at best. Something tells me watching Jack Bauer kick butt for 2 hours will fill theater seats.