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"Waterworld" Pair Costner and Reynolds to Swing Away With "Learning Italian"



    There's a great scene in Ron Shelton's "Tin Cup" where Kevin Costner is on the verge of moving from washed-up golfer to U.S. Open  champion. He decides to take an ambitious shot to the final green for the win and it lands in the water. He drops another ball. Water again. And so on.

    So he blows the golf game, but he does it on his terms. I've always felt that scene said a lot about Costner as well. Now he is
    teaming up with Kevin Reynolds to work on a new film, "Learning Italian," even though their most notable collaboration, "Waterworld," landed in the drink. They're also responsible for "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" for Costner's non-attempt at an accent.

    "Learning Italian," their upcoming spy comedy to be shot in southern Germany, has everyone else might be shaking their head, but Costner is unfazed. And that's why you have to love about Costner. When he hits it right, he nails it ("Tin Cup" and "Bull Durham" are pretty high on my list of greats).

    And when he fails, he fails spectacularly. He doesn't play safe and he wears his movie heart on his sleeve -- not like some of the cynical shlockmakers who film a few lame gags and hope to make their money back before anyone reads the reviews.

    It would seem that Costner and Reynolds have something to prove on this one. It'll be great or it'll be bad, but it won't be anywhere in between.