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Anna Faris Enlists for "Private Benjamin"



    Anna Faris is joining Jennifer Lopez in trying to recreate roles made famous by the great Goldie Hawn.

    New Line Cinema has signed up Faris to star in a remake of "Private Benjamin," according to Risky Business, the film that made Hawn a household name and earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

    The story will be set in present day, with the new telling making a pointed effort  not to make light of the men and women serving in the armed forces, or the current conflicts our troops are engaged in.

    This is of course the second Hawn vehicle to get put through the remake machine just this month. Last week it was learned that Jennifer Lopez will star in a new version of "Overboard."

    So who will win the Battle of Hawn? Faris, despite having never reached the heights of acclaim that Lopez has, has to be the odds-on favorite by a long shot, both for the choice of role and what she brings to the project.

    Lopez is in a career slide that began pretty much from the moment the closing credits of "Out of Sight," and "Overboard" is nothing more than has-been-TBS-Saturday-afternoon-rerun fare, the kind of thing you watched while you polished your shoes.

    Faris, on the other hand is far closer in look, tone and style to Hawn -- a sexy/goofy blonde who's smarter than she seems, and "Benjamin" was a career-making part.