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Anna Faris to Star in Semi-Autobiographical Stalker Comedy



    When life hands you a stalker, make lemonade.

    Anna Faris recently shared with her agent and manager a real-life encounter the comedienne had with a stalker, a tale they found so funny they decided to pitch it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lo and behold, it's been picked up and a script is being developed by Deanna Kizis, who helped develop the original plot.

    Faris was recently the subject of a profile in New Yorker (subscription required), in which she confessed her regret for having done the notorious mid-coitus vomit scene with Seth Rogen in "Observe & Report," and expressed glee at how badly "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" tanked. It would appear that maybe her team is determined to help her develop her own vehicles going forward.

    We understand wanting to be the master of your own destiny, it's always a smart play, but we really liked "Observe & Report," and thought she was great in it. Now "Yogi Bear" and "Take Me Home Tonight"? Those are projects worthy of regret.

    "Take Me Home Tonight"

    [NATL] "Take Me Home Tonight"
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

    Faris can next be seen opposite Chris Evans Sept. 30 in "What's Your Number?," about a woman who looks back on the plethora of men she's --ahem-- dated, and worries that one of them may have been The One.