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"Eastern Promises 2" in the Pipeline



    Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg are already set to bring Sigmund Freud to the big screen, and now the duo are planning another reunion for an "Eastern Promises" sequel.

    Steve Knight, who penned the original, is said to be at work on a follow-up, with both Mortensen and Cronenberg eager to revisit their tale of a Russian mobster.

    Considering how clumsy and unsatisfying the end of "Eastern Promises" is, a sequel makes sense. The original is a great mystery/thriller that takes you deep inside Russian mob culture, and although the end was all kinds of slapdash, it did leave its hero perfectly positioned for another chapter.

    Mortensen and Cronenberg, who  already have a nice, if small, body of work together, between "Eastern Promises and "A History of Violence," are in pre-production on "The Talking Cure," which chronicles the parting of ways between Sigmund Freud and his protege, Carl Jung, being played by Michael Fassbender.