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Howard Stern As An “Idol” Judge? Yes, Please



    As you know, Simon Cowell is ditching “American Idol” after this season to go make zillions of dollars with his own show, “The X Factor.” Cowell leaves in his wake an “Idol” judging panel of Ellen DeGeneres (whose credentials for the job include being a terrible dancer who is apparently proud of being a terrible dancer), Kara DioGuardi (who is useless and I still don’t know what she’s doing there), and Randy Jackson, who apparently is only there to add a “100%” or “110%” to any vote of yes. This is what you, the “Idol” fan, have to look forward to in 2011. This is not good.

    However, there may be a bit of salvation for the show on the horizon. Fox is, naturally, eager to make sure their ratings goliath stays dominant, and there is no shortage of people out there who would like Simon’s job making millions sitting there and watching people sing Dolly Parton songs poorly. Someone interesting is going to take that chair. Someone like, oh I dunno. Howard Stern?

    Stern said yesterday on his radio show that he was being considered as a replacement for Simon. From The Wrap:

    Howard Stern told his satellite radio listeners on Monday that he is considering leaving Sirius – and radio altogether -- to become a judge on “American Idol.”

    Stern confirmed a report that Fox is interested in hiring the Sirius shock jock to replace Simon Cowell on the reality show.

    Okay, so there are a million reasons that this won’t happen. For one, Fox says it is a long way from settling anything regarding Simon’s replacement. Stern could simply be using “Idol” as a way to get more favorable contract terms when his Sirius contract expires at the end of this year. Also, Fox would likely be terrified of hiring someone like Stern, who offends without remorse or bias.

    But here is why Fox should hire Stern. Yes, a lot of people dislike Stern. Big deal. Everyone hates Simon as well. THAT’S THE POINT. The show desperately needs a judge to sit there and give the naked truth to the contestants and the other judges, all of whom are deluded to various degrees. The show needs a target, someone who will take the boos from the audience for the sake of keeping the show dynamic and interesting. Simon did that. Very few people can. Stern happens to be one of them. Fox should seriously consider Stern for the chair. Because if they go with some milquetoast dummy who can’t add some color to the show, then you are seeing the last throes of “American Idol.”