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John Malkovich Laments the "Astonishing Ugliness" of His Film's 1970s Fashion



    It takes a lot to upstage John Malkovich in a movie, but his fashion-victim outfits as veteran trainer Lucien Laurin in "Secretariat" come pretty close.

    PopcornBiz just had to ask the legendary actor, after seeing his various outlandish outfits, if he had kept even one from the wardrobe department. The response was a simple, forlorn "nooo" given with downcast eyes.

    "It's unbelievable how ugly those things were," he says. Really? We thought they were kind of sharp.

    During the press conference for the film, Malkovich continued to talk about the Secretariat-era fashion. To summarize, 1973 was a great year for a great tale about faith, courage and horse-racing in the retelling of Secretariat's triple-crown achievement.

    But it was a terrible year for clothing.

    "It seems 1973 was really the nadir of this history of fashion," he said. "When you watch the races on YouTube, you are sort of blown away by the astonishing ugliness of it all."

    "It just blinds you."

    He even admits that his outfits for the film (out on Friday), however crazy, were relatively tame compared to the real thing.

    "They were actually kind of conservative," he admits.

    So while he didn't line his wardrobe, Malkovich says the movie gave other benefits to his lifestyle.

    "Unlike my grandfather and my older brother, I've actually been able to make some money at the racetrack," he says. "That's a family first. So it has great meaning to me."