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Megan Fox Aims To Bring Back the Corset in "Jonah Hex"



    Stars are usually full of stories of on-set misery for their art, but Megan Fox insists she loved wearing her corset on "Jonah Hex."

    Forget how painful it looks to a modern audience.

    "I loved the corset," Fox said at the press day for the movie. "People thought I was in pain or hurting or something was wrong with me because my waist is so small. But I enjoyed it."

    "And I wish they would come back in style."

    Fox was kidding about that. But she rocks the corset in "Hex" which the filmmakers insist was accurate apparel for that era.

    Director Jimmy Hayward said the look was "pretty typical. We had a lot of photographic research."

    But there was nothing typical about the look with Megan Fox in it. The very mention of it will certainly bring a good portion of comic book geeks out of their locked bedrooms to the movie theater.

    So while Josh Brolin was groaning through three hours of make-up to disfigure his face, Fox was lacing up the corset and apparently happy as lark.

    That said, being small boned had its disadvantages for period items. While Fox slipped perfectly into the corset, she had trouble handling the Western-style guns.

    "It was difficult for me to shoot the old-style gunslinger guns," she confessed. "I have tiny little hands and they are really large and really heavy."

    "Just the physicality of actually having to pull that off was really difficult."