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Megan May Be Outfoxing Herself



    Last week it was learned that Megan Fox had turned down an offer to replace Angelina Jolie in the "Tomb Raider" franchise. Then over the weekend came news that she's been offered the chance to replace Rose McGowan in "Red Sonja." What exactly is she waiting for?

    Fox reportedly turned down "Tomb Raider" because she didn't want to fuel the comparisons between her and Jolie. Say what you will about Jolie as a human being or an actress, the fact is that Fox could do a lot worse than follow in her career path.

    Well here's her chance, as she's been offered the lead in the much troubled "Red Sonja," reported Pajiba, who has all the ugly, wonky, inside baseball details.

    Taking the role of "Red Sonja" would give Fox a chance to lay claim to her own tent-pole franchise, and move beyond playing second banana in "Transformers" movies or flopping as a comic actress.

    Both Jennifer's Body" and "Saturday Night Live" offered Fox an opportunity to be funny, but audiences weren't buying it. Fox in a metal bikini killing monsters would be a perfect distraction from her acting talents.

    Her next film is "Jonah Hex," in which she stars along with Josh Brolin. There is no shortage of troubling rumors about the state of the movie, so she'd better not count on it to give her a boost.

    Throughout her brief career Fox has shown a gift for manipulating the press and her public image, but if she's not careful she's going to overplay her hand. If Fox passes on "Red Sonja," she could soon be offered a chance to replace Kritsy Swanson in "Whatever Happened to Her Career?"