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New "Cop Out" Red-Band Trailer a Wee More Promising



    There was a collective yawn when the original trailer for Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willi's cop comedy was released, but the new version -- loaded with dirty words -- is a marked improvement.

    The expectations for this movie, the first one that Kevin Smith has directed from someone else's script, have been a rollercoaster ride. There was great hope when on-location pics of Morgan dressed as a cellphone riding a bicycle through the streets of Queens first surfaced.

    Warning: adult language

    Check Out the Trailer for "Cop Out"

    [NATL] Check Out the Trailer for "Cop Out"
    Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are a couple of wacky cops fighting crime in Kevin Smith's new comedy.
    (Published Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

    There was a downturn when it was learned that the title had been changed from "A Couple of Dicks" (get it?) to "Cop Out," which felt like, well a cop out.

    Things really got bad when the trailer landed. You know you've got trouble when the funniest thing in your movie is Sean William Scott repeating everything Tracy Morgan says.

    But this new profanity-laced trailer has restored hope that while "Cop Out" may not be an opening night must-see, it could certainly help you work your way through a hangover some Saturday in the not-too-distant future.