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Pixar Riding Jeff Garlin to Another Hit (Sort of)



    While the "Shrek" animated franchise might rely heavily on its big name stars like Cameron Diaz, Pixar movies like "Toy Story 3" tend to avoid stocking up on the big names.

    Just ask Jeff Garlin who stars as Buttercup in the much awaited movie due out Friday.

    "(Pixar movies) just go for the best voice, they just worry about making a great movie," Garlin said at the "Toy Story 3" press day.

    Garlin would know. He was one of the few actual humans to appear in the robot love story and Pixar classic "Wall-E." Garlin voiced the rotund captain, the only human to actually speak.

    "I'm doing 100 percent of the dialogue in Wall-E. Do you really thinking they're banking on my star power? Come on!"

    "Toy Story" does have Tom Hanks and Tim Allen who were especially big deals at the time the first movie came out. But it doesn't matter what the names are. Because the unforgettable characters and great stories in the Pixar movies are what keep the kids (and adults) coming -- even with the likes of Garlin and John Ratzenberger doing the voices.

    "I don't know any kid, or any adult for that matter, who has ever seen an animated movie based on who does the voices," says Garlin. "It either appeals to you or it doesn't appeal to you."

    "Toy Story" appeals. The original is a classic by any standard. Garlin remembers seeing the first movie and just being wowed.

    "I remember walking out of that movie and saying, 'That movie just changed movies. Boy, if I could ever be in a movie like that...' "

    "To me this is the biggest honor in the world to be in this."