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"Up In the Air" DVD Features Spaceman Clooney



    "Up In the Air" DVD Features Spaceman Clooney

    Among the extra scenes included in the new "Up in the Air" DVD that hits stores today is a clip of a baleful George Clooney in a spacesuit, his breathing tubes attached to his beloved wheeled suitcase as he makes his way from the airport to his apartment, while Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town" plays. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    Here is one view of George Clooney the public hasn't seen: As an Apollo astronaut spacewalking through an airport.

    One of the deleted scenes included with the DVD release of "Up in the Air," director Jason Reitman calls it his "greatest and strangest" missing scene. The spaceman subplot, presumably to dramatize the alienation felt by Clooney's shallow frequent flyer, was shot over extensive periods of the movie's shoot, much to the actor's chagrin.

    "Being inside the space suit was uncomfortable," Reitman says in the director commentary. "I think it's fair to say George hated every second inside that thing."

    "And of course there were many days we had to do it."

    The scene is accompanied by Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town," as Clooney the astronaut wheels his suitcase past oblivious travelers. "I figured out pretty early on it wasn't going to make the film," said Reitman. "It was out of a different movie."

    "No matter how much I liked it, tonally, it made no sense."