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"Wolfman" Changes His Tune



    "The Wolfman"

    This reboot of the classic monster franchise stars Benicio del Toro in the title role, along with Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blount. (Published Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

    Sad to say there's more troubling news for Benicio Del Toro's new "Wolfman," as it's been learned at the 11th hour that the film will in fact be using Danny Elfman's score.

    Normally, word of Elfman doing the music for your dark, Gothic monster movie would be cause for celebration. Instead, it's merely giving credence to earlier reports from The Playlist and other sources that "Wolfman" is such a mess that Universal (fellow members of the NBC family) had two teams of editors working on two different cuts of the film -- which the studio vehemently denied.

    Elfman had to leave "Wolfman" because post-production was taking too long and he had made prior commitments to Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." So Universal brought in ex-Tangerine Dream-er Paul Haslinger, but his score was reportedly too electronic for the studio's liking. What they were expecting from someone like Haslinger is anybody's guess. In any event, Elfman's work is back in the movie, according to Movie Score.

    That decisions of this magnitude are being made just three weeks ahead of the film's Feb. 12 release cannot bode well. It's a shame, because Benicio Del Toro as the wolfman sounds like a good time.