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Apple Reaches Out to Hackers with Lion



    Anticipating that the hacker honeymoon is over, Apple has shared some OS X Lion seed code with experts with a history of cracking their code, according to

    With Microsoft being almost the sole target of security experts (nee hackers) for so very long, the move by Apple can also be seen as an interior acknowledgment that they may be seen more like a monolithic ecosystem worthy of taking down a peg.

    It's hard to say that the most monetarily valuable tech company is "maturing," but that's what it seems like when they let the lions in the tent, as it were.

    Dino Dai Zove and Charlie Miller have Tweeted that they are among the invitees to see Lion.

    Wholly apropos since their latest book was titled "The Mac Hacker's Handbook."

    And, in a way, the fact that secretive Apple has made the cultural decision to make this move begs the question even further of "When will Apple have to break apart?"