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Apple Rumored To Be Working on "Smart TV"



    Looking for some new shiny gadget from Apple to salivate over? Well, the hottest rumor on Apple isn't the iPad 3 or even the iPhone 5, it's that Apple could be working on a Smart TV.

    According to Apple Insider, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes that Apple is indeed working on a Smart TV and already has a prototype in the labs. Huberty's "evidence" comes at a few "checks with Apple's Asian suppliers" that show a "$3.9 billion investment for display components." To translate for the layman, "Apple bought a few large display panels. Oh no, it must be making an HDTV." Huberty believes that an Apple focused HDTV could possibly integrate "TV/Video content, gaming, DVR, as well as other features like apps and FaceTime into one product." With that little HDMI dongle for the iPad, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple was getting serious about living room gaming.

    As of last December, Apple's already sold over 1 million units of their $100 Apple TV boxes which isn't a large number by any stretch. The second-gen Apple TV is doing much better than its first-gen brother, only because of its cheap price tag, but how much would an HDTV from Apple run? $500? That would make it cost as much as an iPad. $1000? That would put it up against an entry-level iMac. $1000+? That would shoot a possible Apple HDTV into the stratosphere on "planet premium HDTV." And as we all know, Apple is all about making their not-so-cheap gadgets look affordable by giving off the appeal of having great value.

    While, it makes sense for Apple's next move to be an all-in-one HDTV (Apple loves all-in-one solutions), we think it might be a bit soon for Apple to be entering the HDTV business. Does Apple really want to enter a business where Samsung and Sony are king? It might, but not this year and probably not next year. Apple's too busy trying to get iPad 2's into hands to bother with an Apple HDTV so soon. But that rumor about Apple licensing its wireless AirPlay technology to HDTV makers? That seems a little more plausible.

    Via Apple Insider

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