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Apple's Light Peak Will be Called Thunderbolt?



    The plot thickens yet again. A new freshly leaked picture shows a port with a thunderbolt icon where the old Mini DisplayPort normally is. Could Apple's Light Peak port be named "Thunderbolt?"

    So why does the port look exactly the same as the Mini DisplayPort? Well, one of the reasons people have been lusting for Light Peak is for its jack of all trades purpose — one port that supports any device, be it connecting to a second display, attaching storage, creating a network, etc. Essentially, Apple's "Thunderbolt" port would be able to replace all HDMI, eSATA, USB, FireWire all in one go. The Mini DisplayPort might just be the port that will get the major upgrade for multipurpose input.

    A shot at some purported marketing materials that have also leaked is further fueling the suggestion that Apple's Light Peak port will be called Thunderbolt. Have a look-see below:

    Thumbnail image for Leaked Light Peak "Thunderbolt" material?

    What do you think? Is Apple going to drop the ball on Light Peak in its MacBook Pro refresh soon?

    Mac4Ever, via Slashgear