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Bahrain Joins the Facebook Freedom Fighters' Force



    Remember when Facebook was just a time-killing spot on the information superhighway where you could play Farm-themed games and poke people you didn't really know, but still called "friends?"

    Ah, how the times have changed. Facebook is all grown up, and taking on bigger issues.

    Now, Facebook is a place where any ol' disgruntled nation can organize protests, and even have their leaders thrown out of the country.

    Add Bahrain to the list of Facebook-using countries.

    All Facebook reports Bahrain's Sh'ite Muslim opposition have been organizing anti-government protests as of yesterday, a day which is being dubbed the "Day of Wrath."

    Taking a note from Egypt and Tunisia, demonstrators in Bahrain are demanding the replacement of King Sheik Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, along with the ability to elect the Cabinet, plus the release of all political prisoners.

    Other countries in the region using social media to orgainzie protests also include Yemen and Jordan.