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Beware of Vampires on Facebook



    Alright Twilight fans, just because you see a link with a picture of Bella or Edward, doesn't mean you have to click it. And in this case, you definitely don't want to.

    There is a rogue application making its way around Facebook promising “Play Twilight: Breaking Dawn Be the first of your friends to play the awesome new Twilight game on Facebook!” says All Facebook.

    If you click "play now" you're actually "liking" the game, which then recommends it to your network. Users (victims) will be asked to allow permissions to grant access to their account, and if allowed, the scammers will be able to plant a survey into your wall and make money off you and your friends.

    If you have been affected, delete the aplication by going into  your application settings. Make sure you also delete all wall posts about the game as well.