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Facebook Angry About Headline



    Facebook is not happy about being mentioned in a headline that implies its service is helping people molest children. Go figure.

    The social networking giant is threatening to sue the Daily Mail after the newspaper ran a headline reading, "How many more victims of Facebook sex gang?" reports the Guardian.

    The story reported parts of 16,000 pupils in Torbay were warned of an ongoing "complex child abuse investigation" that may involve 20 or more victims.

    Facebook sent a complaint to the Daily Mail demanding the headline be changed, and an apology be given. A Daily Mail spokesperson replied, "We stand by our story."

    Facebook is now looking into legal action stating, there was "no evidence" that the website was used to "facilitate these crimes". She added: "While the inaccurate headline was quickly changed online, the damage of being wrongly tied to this story on the front page is worthy of an apology – to both Daily Mail readers and Facebook – of equal prominence."

    The newspaper's headline was believed to be based partly on a statement from detective inspector Simon Snell who blamed the internet for the crimes, saying authorities were "keeping an open mind with regards to Facebook, Bebo and other sites".

    Facebook said it had "not ruled out legal action" as it waited to see how or if the newspaper would respond.