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Facebook Announces New Security



    Facebook unveiled a new suite of security tools on its blog today, ranging from do-it-yourself  "social reporting" or registering your disapproval when a user posts offensive material, to new device authentication.

    What's interesting is that, the  new "suite" isn't really one at all, but a lot of information about how one should educate one's self, teens, students and the world about security and privacy. On Facebook's new "Family Safety Center" the phrasing makes the social network's position clear, "We believe safety is a conversation and a shared responsibility among all of us. That's why we provide the information, tools and resources you'll find here."

    There are some changes, such as "two-factor authorization" which would require verification from you on any new device. But most of the tools listed in the Tools section are ones that already existed, such as changing privacy settings, secure browsing, remote logout and the one-time passwords for use on public terminals. 

    It's strange that Facebook didn't point out sex-offender registries, something most parents would be concerned about. My previous story on Match.com, said the online dating site was going to implement sex-offender database access in the next two to three months -- but it was really a class-action suit filed against the site that seemed to have spurred on the change. While I'm glad that both Facebook and MySpace carry on routine purges of sex offenders, most parents and concerned adults would like to see more. But will Facebook take on as much responsibility as lays on its users?