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Facebook Losing Youth to Group Messaging Apps



    Messaging apps such as Snapchat, Kik and Whatsapp could be taking some of Facebook's social network market share, according to reports.

    The new apps including Silicon Valley, Canadian and Asian startups who boast users in the millions that send friends messages, videos and photos, Reuters reported. Each of these apps bypasses texting fees and the usual social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of the apps are now supporting games.
    Before we again promote the demise of Facebook, the social network's numbers are still high with over 1 billion users. The only difference now is that many young people are also using these apps to communicate with friends. It's no surprise considering that Facebook is now full of parents, relatives and others who may tattle on a teen's activity. It's true that Facebook has been trying to rebrand itself as a mobile company, including buying teen-beloved Instagram for $1 billion, but it lacks the innovation of smaller companies like Snapchat which created the self-destructing photo share. (Facebook did copy it, however.)
    Perhaps Facebook should worry, but the reality is that it doesn't really have to for several years. In those years, these dozens of apps will succeed or fail.