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Facebook Phone Now 99 Cents



    The price for the new smartphone with Facebook Home has dropped $99 to only 99 cents.

     It's been a month since Facebook unveiled the new HTC First with Facebook Home and some are saying it's not a good sign that the "Facebook phone" has been subject to price-slashing, according to Mashable. The smartphone was selling for $99.99 last month with a two-year contract with AT&T. Now the price is down to 99 cents.

    To illustrate the point further, AT&T is showing the HTC First sticker price of $350.99 and displaying the 99.7 percent discount. 
    Critics are saying that this means the Facebook Home phone is a failure because Apple and Android smartphones are typically discounted only when new versions come onto the market, usually over a year. However, turning it into a 99-cent throwaway phone is a bit unusual and has Mashable making references to the doomed Microsoft Kin. While HTC or AT&T weren't saying whether sales were anemic, almost anyone with a recent Android phone can download Facebook Home for free rather than buy the HTC First.
    We're not so sure the Facebook Home phone was a failure because it's a great price for a decent 4G phone, provided you looooove Facebook -- because you won't be able to escape it on this phone. (Facebook is now promoting the deal it calls a "good move by AT&T.") The price-slashing  could also mean a more renewed interest in the phone from those who previously wouldn't have considered the purchase, and consumers always love a good buy.