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Facebook for SIM: Why?



    Dutch tech company Gemaltoreleased Facebook for SIM, an application that runs on a phone's SIM card and gives users access to any of Facebook's text-based services on their global system for mobile communications (GSM) phone.

    The GSM phone is the global leader in mobile phones, with approximately 5 billion connections, so the service will do a lot to be an ambassador for Facebook -- especially when users no longer need to have a smartphone or mobile data plan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    However, Facebook itself started low-tech access for users last month when it launched Facebook for Feature Phones, a partnership with London-based Snaptu, that allows users to partake in all of Facebook's services and not need a smartphone for a trial 90 days (after that, I'm sure users will pay for a data plan.) Feature phones are owned by 79 percent of the world's population and the move ensured that Facebook might get millions of those global eyeballs.

    But the new Facebook for SIM means a less costly way to connect with friends, and one that could mean a jump in Facebook's more than 500 million members.