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Facebook's Nude Picture Policy



    Facebook has been known to run off anyone who posts nude photos or videos on the site, which makes some sense as users only have to be 13 years old to use the service.

    However, when the New York Academy of Art posted some nude art, they were met with stern warnings of account deletion, says ValleyWag.

    The school promptly replied with outrage stating, "[We] find it difficult to allow Facebook to be the final arbiter - and online curator - of the artwork we share with the world."

    As it turns out, Facebook doesn't have a problem with artwork.

    The site has an "unwritten policy that allows drawings or sculptures of nudes," said a spokesperson. "In this case, we congratulate the artist on his lifelike portrayal that, frankly, fooled our reviewers."

    Good news porn stars! You can now post all the dirty pictures of yourself as you want - as long as they're artists renditions.