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Former Siri Team Working on Smarter Virtual Assistant



    Some former Siri engineers are working on "Viv," a new AI virtual assistant that is supposed to outsmart Siri and other assistants.

    Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus and Chris Brigham, all creators of Siri, are saying they're creating someithing that will "fundamentally change the way software is built," according to AppleInsider.
    The three sold Siri to Apple in 2010 which debuted the software on the iPhone 4s, but it didn't stop the team from creating. 
    Some say that Viv is more like Siri 2.0, with the virtual assistant blending logic and services including wine pairing, retail catalogues and other information. The demonstration showed Viv responding to a user who wanted to know where to pick up an inexpensive bottle or wine for his brother's lasagna dinner.
    Despite the cool factor, Viv's investors are still careful. "Viv is potentially very big, but it's all still potential," Siri funder Gary Morgenthaler told AppleInsider.
    Despite it being in the beta stage, Viv could still gain some interest from Apple and others wanting a smarter virtual assistant.