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Google: California = Persimmon Bread, Oregon = Vegan Mushroom Gravy



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    Rochelle Ramos
    An image of persimmon bread, a favorite Thanksgiving regional recipe for Californians, according to Google 2014 search data.

    If you're traveling to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday, you may expect to see vegan mushroom gravy, or frog-eye salad in Nevada, or a "salad" spiked with Snickers bars in North Dakota.

    Google released data for those searching for Thanksgiving recipes by state and the New York Times found that it unveiled some regional favorites -- some understandable and some not.While California topped out in the nation for persimmon bread, both Main and Vermont seemed to want pumpkin whoopie pies. Arizona was looking for turkey enchiladas, while Florida wanted flan de la calabaza (a pumpkin flan.)

    The frog eye salad is popular in Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, and is frequently a staple for those in the Church of Latter-Day Saints. However, in the heart of Mormon country, Utah, the most popular search was for funeral potatoes -- also known as hash brown casserole. Most of the "salads" in the search results are desserts with Cool Whip and tooth-aching ingredients like candy bars or cookies and made up a  big section of the northern Midwest.

    Our favorite regional recipe was the  "pig pickin' cake" in North Carolina for its name alone.