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Google: More Security Far From Home



    Google applied for a location-based security patent for smartphones that will increase security the further users get away from home.

    The patent would change a smartphone's security based on where the user is, according to Engadget. If a user is at home or work, then no security may be needed, but if the smartphone ventures out of familiar territory it can demand a code.

    The patent essentially creates a smartphone that treats security intelligently. A code on a phone sitting on one's nightstand may be unnecessary, but at business a few miles away a user may want a password. The patent would also allow users to set up a security profile that would include "familiar" areas such as home and work versus the outside world, TechCrunch reported.

    The new patent would definitely help people make their smartphones more secure, but also not force them to use password security at home. In short, if Google can create a workable app out of this idea then it would be a winner.