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Google Glass Will Have No Ads, Paid Apps

Developers for the new Google Glass are told there are no ads or paid apps allowed



    Google launched the new Google Glass details Tuesday, offering a 5 mega-pixel camera with 720p video playback, a full-day battery, 16GB of storage and 802.11b/g WiFi.

    But the biggest news isn't about the technology at all, but that developers won't be allowed to place ads on or create paid apps for the new tech specs.

    Google Glass is considered a Web app, and Google's terms of service prohibit ads and charging any fees to download apps or buy virtual goods, according to The Verge. Google said that it could change this in the future, but for now this is how Google Glass will be.  

    "The API is still in a limited preview," a Google rep told The Verge. "Developers are crucial to the future of Glass. The focus during the Explorer Program is on innovation and experimentation, but it's too early to speculate how this will evolve."
    It shouldn't be surprising that Google doesn't want to inundate its new wearable computer with ads and paid apps that could draw attention away from its debut.
    A clean and clear Google Glass display looks a lot better than with pop-up and banner ads distracting eyeballs from its tiny screen.
    We have no doubt that ads and paid apps are on their way, but not before Google has a successful and commercial launch.

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