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Google Invests in More Solar



    Google has always put its money where its ideals have been, at least in alternative energy, so it's not surprising that it's now investing $168 million in a solar farm in the Mojave Desert.

    The search giant is working with BrightSource Energy, of Oakland, Calif.,  to create the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, touted as the largest solar tower power plant in the world. Google's also in great company, because apparently Morgan Stanley, BP, CalSTRS and Chevron are also some of the solar farm's investors. The farm is expected to generate around 370 MW of power.

    "We hope that investing in Ivanpah spurs continued development and deployment of this promising technology," said Rick Needham, director of green business operations on the Official Google Blog. Needham also said that he hopes more companies follow Google's example and invest in alternative energy technology.

    Last week Google announced it was investing $5 million in a German solar plant and now it's investing $168 million in an American one. Is Google planning its future by investing in alternative energy, or is this based on more humanitarian motives?