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Google Is Thinking About Killing the URL Bar



    Google, the unofficial overlord of the web is always trying to "do no evil," but if an internal document bears any truth, the search giant might do lots of it by killing the URL address bar in its Chrome web browser.

    Always looking to shave pixels off of its Chrome web browser, Google is toying around with four different layouts that could drastically change the way you browse the web: classic, compact, sidetab and touch. The most notable change is of course the "compact" version that does away with the URL bar, and puts "multiple URL bars into tabs." It essentially gives you more vertical pixels, which means less scrolling within websites.

    As a person who absolutely loves Chrome's Omnibar — the all in one URL, search, calculator and overall too-smart-for-me toolbar, I can't picture web life without it. Most people might be balking at the idea of the death of the URL bar, seeing as how Chrome only has 10% of the web browser market share, but keen techies will know that Chrome's interface, with its tabs adorning the top of the URL bar instead of below have influenced many other web browsers, including Mozilla's Firefox.

    I for one am voting against the removal of the URL bar. I'd love more vertical space, but if I wanted more screen pixels, I'd switch to full screen mode. So no, Google, don't do it. Don't push that big red button that initiates operation Chrome redesign. Just don't do it.

    ConceivablyTech, via Lifehacker