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Malware: Google Yanks 21 Apps From Android Market



    Googleyanked 21 applications from the Android Market Tuesday when it was discovered the apps were malware created to steal information from users. But the trojan apps have already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

    It was users who discovered the altered apps, which are pirated versions of legitimate apps injected with malware, according to Android Police. That kind of malware, also called a trojan, can not only download all personal information and passwords but means one's handheld can be controlled remotely by a hacker.

    Malware is typically found at third-party sites where pirated apps, mostly from China, have little or no oversight. But finding 21 pieces of malware ready for download at the legitimate Android Market is surprising and doesn't look good for Google's vetting process. (However, Android Police reported that once Google was notified about the bad apps, they were taken down within minutes.)

    Previously security experts advised only downloading apps from legitimate sites, and likely the 50,000 or so users with a mobile virus, thought they were. Google must be more proactive with the Android Market to prevent another incident like this and create a more secure environment for its Android users.

    Here's a list of the afflicted apps, all from Myournet:

    • Falling Down
    • Super Guitar Solo
    • Super History Eraser
    • Photo Editor
    • Super Ringtone Maker
    • Super Sex Positions
    • Hot Sexy Videos
    • Chess
    • 下坠滚球_Falldown
    • Hilton Sex Sound
    • Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
    • Falling Ball Dodge
    • Scientific Calculator
    • Dice Roller
    • 躲避弹球
    • Advanced Currency Converter
    • APP Uninstaller
    • 几何战机_PewPew
    • Funny Paint
    • Spider Man