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Google Wants to Plan Your Wedding



    Google wants to plan your wedding and hopes you will use their handy search engine to do it. Oh, and by the way, they hope you look at plenty of local ads while doing it. is Google's latest venture which offers would-be brides and grooms a way to create wedding-themed websites with Google Sites and offers similarly themed templates in Google Docs and Picnik, according to the Official Google Blog. The search engine giant also paired with wedding planner Michelle Rago, who apparently hawks wedding destinations and her services.

    Cynicism aside, it does offer a way for engaged couples to communicate with their guests with a one-stop shop for a wedding website, save-the-date and thank-you card templates. But Google isn't doing this out of the goodness of its corporate heart -- it's doing this to make money.

    Weddings cost an average of $24,000 and use dozens of services -- many of them local and ones that might purchase local ads on Google. Numerous companies or stores providing deejays, limousines, caterers, bakers, florists, tuxedos and gowns would likely start advertising in hopes of capturing those couples looking to tie the knot.