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Justin Bieber, Facebook Fight Cyberbullying



    Justin Bieber and MTV have partnered with Facebook for an anti-cyberbullying campaign that educates kids and teens on how to avoid digital abuse and harassment.

    The campaign, Draw Your Line, appears on the "A Thin Line" Facebook page, and offers users who post suggestions on how to "draw the line between digital use and abuse" a chance at a trip to MTV's studios or a personalized Justin Bieber voicemail greeting (let the girlish screaming commence!) More tips from AllFacebook:

    Delete it: Delete inappropriate messages or images from your digital devices.
    Block it: Block a phone number or online user from sending hurtful or harassing messages.
    Change your passwords: Change your passwords on your phone, social networking and email accounts to prevent unwanted access to your accounts.
    Speak up: Call out someone who is abusing you or report them to the site administrators, the authorities or a trusted adult.
    Get help: Get support from a parent, teacher, friend, online resource or other trusted source if you are being abused.

    The Biebs will get a workout. The grand prize for the Facebook contest is a trip for two and backstage passes for a taping of MTV’s “The Seven,” and a voicemail greeting by Bieber, while the three first prize winners will also get a greeting by Bieber. Ten winners will lose out on the personalized message, but will gain 250 Facebook credits.

    Definitely a good PR move for Facebook, MTV and Bieber -- although next time, could you try to make it a little sweeter than virtual money, $50 billion Facebook?