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Mac Vs. PC Users



    Hunch surveyed 388,351 users and came up with an infographic to show once and for all the difference between Mac and PC users. But the answers may not be altogether satisfying. Out of those replying 52 percent identified as PC users, 25 percent as Mac users and 23 percent as neither.

    The Differences:

    College graduates: 67 percent Mac users, 54 percent PC users

    Liberal Politics: 58 percent of Mac users, 36 percent of PC users

    Vegetarianism: Mac users are 80 percent more likely to not eat meat

    Art: Mac users skew to modern art, PC users like Impressionists

    Sample lunch: San Pellegrino Limonata and hummus for Mac users, Pepsi and a tuna sandwich for PC users

    Drinks: Hot Toddy for Mac users, Strawberry daiquiri for PC users

    Fave TV: "The Office" for Mac users, Split between "South Park" and "The Office" for PC users

    As a PC user, I read this and thought the profile of a PC user seems to be a college student/unemployed young adult who drinks boxed wine reads TV Guide and watches "South Park." The Mac user is portrayed as this annoying hipster who drinks Moscow Mules, watches only indie films, reads The Huffington Post and ReadyMade magazine and describes himself or herself as "unique."

    It seems PC users are stereotyped as a rural bumpkins (yet watches Rachel Maddow, go figure) who consider computers hard. Mac users, on the other hand, smugly consider themselves technologically advanced and prefer bistro French fries.

    Really, would you want to spend time with any of these people?