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Meet the iPad 2



    Wednesday, Steve Jobs took a break from his leave of absence to come introduce the 2nd generation of the iPad. It's a lot like the original iPad, only thinner, lighter, a whole lot faster and packed with two cameras.

    The iPad 2 is very similar to the original iPad. It's a third thinner, clocking in at a hair thinner than the iPhone 4, and a bit lighter. It also has Apple's new dual-core A5 chip on board, which Jobs promises will double the speed and multiply the graphics speed by a factor of nine.

    It also has the oft-rumored front- and rear-facing cameras and the iPhone's gyroscope. It comes in black and white in both AT&T and Verizon varieties, and it's sticking with the exact same price setup as the original iPad.

    So what's missing? Mainly, a new screen. The screen is identical to the original iPad's, which is disappointing to those used to the brilliance of the iPhone 4's Retina display. If you want one of those, it's safe to assume you're stuck waiting another year for that. But for those looking to hop on board with the iPad 2, you don't have long to wait; it's being released on March 11th.

    Raw Video: Steve Jobs Introduces iPad2

    [BAY] Raw Video: Steve Jobs Introduces iPad2
    The CEO of Apple is very excited about his new products and as is the custom, he goes through its features as only he can.
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

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