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Microsoft's Courier Project Will be Unofficially Revived on iPad



    Microsoft's two-screen Courier concept tablet had a lot of promise. Hailed as a "digital journal" — a device with an unlimited amount of digital pages built for keeping note scraps, doodles — anything really. Regrettably, the concept never made it into production, canned in light of the iPad's runaway success. The Taposé project wants to revive the ideas from the Courier and bring them to the iPad.

    Obviously, there's going to a little compromise in bringing the Courier's split-screen interface to the iPad, but the entire project looks promising. With Taposé, you'll be able to interact with several apps at once. For example, calculating numbers on the fly without closing a spreadsheet to bring up a calculator, dragging items from Safari into a clipbook, or adding sticky notes and bookmarks to almost anything.

    For all the great things that an iPad can do, when stacked up against the Courier's creative ideas, it looks kind of conservative. Taposé will change that.

    For now, Taposé is still a Kickstarter project waiting to be invested in. If all goes well, Taposé will pick up where the Courier started and bring a tablet experience that isn't a closed garden.

    Taposé, via 9to5Mac

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