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Rumor: Google Working on 7-Inch Tablet



    Google will create a branded 7-inch tablet to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire, an analyst reported.

    Richard Shim, an analyst with DisplaySearch, a purveyor of display supply chain information and analysis, told CNET that Google will start work on the tablet in April. Shim estimates the initial production to run between 1.5 to 2 million units. Previous reports said that Google was at work on a tablet with Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, that would be priced around $199 to compete directly with the highly successful $199 Kindle Fire.

    In December we also wrote about the Novo7, the $99 Android tablet from Ainovo, saying that it was destined to shake up the market. Problem is that it hasn't showed up yet. So I guess we're saying that rumors are rumors for a reason -- because they may or may not actually happen. And looking at this logically, what does Google have to gain with a branded tablet?

    The only reason to put out a branded tablet is to take some market away from Amazon's e-commerce juggernaut. Is that Google's goal? (Apple's iPad has more to lose if Amazon's tablets take hold.) If Google wanted to be truly stop Amazon in its tracks, it could prevent it in other ways -- charging a hefty fee for using the Android platform, for instance.

    As a rule, the tweener tablet is also not a popular model. So far, the smaller screens haven't really won admirers away from larger displays. All in all, we hope this is just a rumor, because this could actually be a very bad idea for Google.