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New Bacteria-Fighting Glass for Smartphones



    Now there will be no more worries about not washing your hands after using the bathroom because your smartphone may be getting antibacterial glass.

    Corning, which makes Gorilla Glass, a well-known brand of almost unbreakable glass for electronic devices, has decided to also make the glass antimicrobial, according to the company. The company states that with so many hands touching so many devices it makes sense to have some kind of protection against bacteria, fungus, mold or algae. 

    More than 59 percent of phone users said they used their device in the bathroom, GigaOm reports, so this may be more of a necessity than most people think. The antibacterial properties come from ionic silver in the glass that doesn't wear off and supposedly can repel 99.9 percent of bacteria. Corning is suggesting the Gorilla Glass as an alternative to electronic display panels in the healthcare and transportation industries.

    The antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is being shown at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is being tested on several different devices, according to Corning. The idea of an antibacterial glass is a good one, especially for the rising number of germophobes out there, so expect to see it on a few devices later this year.