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Social Network Ello Gets Boost from LGBT Community



    Facebook's rules requiring using real names caused a fracas between the social network and drag queens who didn't want to create a public figure page but communicate from personal accounts. Others, who were transgendered, also didn't want to use real names.

    But now, there's a new social network which claims it's benefiting from the exodus, according to the Washington Post. It's called Ello, and founder Paul Budnitz said it's getting 4,000 new signups per hour. That number sounds a bit optimistic to Press:Here, and the number could not be verified.

    Despite a gathering of LGBT activists asking for Facebook to loosen the real name rules, Facebook wouldn't bend.

    “We had a good discussion with the group about their perspectives on our real name standard, and we stressed how the standard helps prevent bad behavior, while creating a safer and more accountable environment,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Souvall said in the statement.

    It seems unlikely that any new social network would have the cachet or audience of Facebook, so leaving Facebook is not really an option for most people. The only other option is to create a public page where users are known by their stage names or pseudonyms.