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Stalking Ex on Facebook Bad, Avoiding Ex Good



    Obsessively watching a former flame's Facebook page may lead to you not moving on or learning from the experience, scientists reported.

    A new study by a British psychologist asked 464 people to evaluate their Facebook usage following a break-up with a romantic partner, according to LiveScience. Not surprisingly, those that spent an inordinate amount of time stalking their ex on Facebook were more likely to be obsessing about the break-up, not moving on or developing new interests.
    "In spite of the need for further research, the take-home message from the present study is that keeping tabs on an ex-partner through Facebook is associated with poorer emotional recovery and personal growth following a breakup," Marshall wrote in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. "Therefore, avoiding exposure to an ex-partner, both offline and online, may be the best remedy for healing a broken heart."
    However, quitting cold turkey or defriending the ex isn't necessarily the answer either. Marshall wrote: "Former partners with whom we are no longer in contact, by contrast, may remain shrouded in an alluring mystique, suggesting that remaining Facebook friends with an ex-partner may actually help rather than harm one's post-breakup recovery.".
    The study didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. Those that haven't gotten over their ex or the relationship will still be wanting that contact -- whether on Facebook or driving by the person's house at night. Healing from a break-up can either move quickly or slowly but it almost always depends on the person involved.